Chemical & pharma products

A high standard of quality is required in areas where demanding requirements go hand in hand with safety.

Social and environmental responsibility requires special attention in the case of industrial liquids storage. We can offer an appropriate tank for any type of acid, gas, oil, dye, solvent etc. We will find the ideal solution to satisfy your requirements. CONAL manufactures mixing tanks, vacuum pressurized tanks, storage tanks, column tanks, processing tanks etc. under the strictest quality standards.

We carry out full installations including the necessary instruments for stirring and agitation, control panel, weighing cells, piping installation, pumps and valves. We use a wide range of testing methods for the continuous supervision of the production areas and raw materials used: rugosity measurements, sheet metal thickness measurements etc. We are leaders in the production of stainless steel equipment; we guarantee high technology tanks for the storage and processing of your products. Our production processes are efficient, designed and tested regularly; they guarantee the best results in quality and meeting deadlines.