The company

CONAL is a company specializing in the design, manufacture and assembly of storage and process tanks, constructed in stainless steel for the Food, Chemical and Pharmaceutical industries. Its strategic location in the North of the country, in a renown industrial area with excellent communications allows it to distribute its products throughout the national territory and abroad.


CONAL maintains nowadays the same desire to develop and zeal for improvement as when it started its activity over 20 years ago, and has become a leading company in its field. Our main business markets are: Food, Chemical and Pharmaceutical industries. First class clients support an excellent portfolio of references.

Technical Department

CONAL has a highly qualified technical team who are experienced in working with the most common design codes and construction regulations: ASME, ADMERKBLATTER, API, AFNOR, etc. We design and complete the installation, automation and set-up of our equipment in both new projects and the expansion of current plants. Our Technical Office has cutting edge computer assisted design equipment, allowing our Clients to get to know their equipment with a high degree of definition before they are manufactured.


The Production Department has specific technology for the production of all types of tanks, with equipment for TIG automatic and manual welding, shears, folding machine, rolling machine to the moulding of bottoms, laminating machine, cranes etc. occupying a total surface of 13,000 m2, which enables us to construct tanks of up to 300m3 in our facilities. The constant development of new production systems enables us to offer equipment with a high quality finish and solid construction. ON-SITE TANKS CONAL manufactures tanks with a capacity ranging from four hundred to four million litres, manufactured “on site” when the height and surface area specifications of our customers’ facilities require it.

Installation service

We provide a full installation service based on over 20 years of experience in installing different-sized tanks in a range of situations. We work hand in hand with our customers to develop the best solutions for each individual case. We can perform installations in any country and offer advice through our experts.


CONAL is especially concerned as a business with constant improvement, in the equipment it supplies and its quality finish. A close collaboration with our Clients allows us to develop the best solutions for each individual case.


CONAL has a specific Quality Control department for the equipment it manufactures. Some of the equipment we manufacture requires screening with non-destructive testing, such as welding joint xrays, penetrating liquids, hydraulic test, pneumatic tests etc., which are carried out on site, guaranteeing the production of equipment as calculated. Over recent years we have invested in improving our technical department and our staff development. We have ISO 9001:2008 certification since 1999.