Juices, soft drinks & water

The juice and soft drinks industry is experiencing a rapid evolution, which requires increasing flexibility in order to satisfy promptly the demand for new products.

Our broad experience accumulated over the years in the installation of facilities for the storage of juices and concentrates in aseptic conditions, enables us to manufacture, implement and maintain facilities with complete guarantee, integrating supervision and traceability. The quality of our products is based on our production technology, continuously improved and perfected over the decades.

Aseptic tanks of up to 150,000 litres capacity, with all the necessary equipment for their cleaning and sterilization by means of completely automated systems, mixing tanks, clean in place (CIP), piping installations and control elements, set- up and staff training. In summary, our integrated services are fully available to you. Thanks to our extensive experience in the storage and processes of this type of industries we can support you in developing your projects with turnkey facilities. The great flexibility CONAL offers all its clients means that it is possible to have the fi nished equipment available in the shortest time possible. We are European leaders in the production of stainless steel equipment; we guarantee high technology tanks for the storage and processing of your products.