Wine, beer & beverages

With over 25 years of experience in the sector, we have acquired a perfect knowledge of the different stages of the winemaking process. This enables us to design, manufacture, implement and maintain storage, fermentation, stabilization and clean in place (CIP) facilities, integrating supervision and traceability. We are leaders in the production of stainless steel equipment; we guarantee high technology tanks for fermentation and other red and white wine processes.

We offer a range of tanks: self-emptying, truncated conical, “pigeage”, insulated and variable volume tanks etc., always equipped and personalized according to each Client’s specific requirements. We supply pumps, special diffusers, pneumatic valves, portable cleaning equipment, walkways, ladders, control panels, pipes etc. to ensure a perfect finish to the equipment supplied and the process for which they have been designed. In all our solutions you will find our permanent commitment to preserve the quality of your wines and to control the safety of your facilities. Your individual needs are the focal point of our work from the very beginning.

Self-emptying tanks

The versatility of our self-emptying tanks and our extensive accumulated experience in design enables us to ensure that, regardless of its use (as a collection hopper, as a maceration tank for white or red wines, a fermentation tank for rosés, etc.), the crushing and emptying efficiency reached with any type of grape and destemming proportion make it the ideal tank for all types of productions and wineries.

Within an extensive range of capabilities, from 15,000 to 100,000 litres, we build all types of self-emptying tanks according to the winery’s desired system for draining must:

    • Gravity, through a lateral drain with a sharply-angled flat bottom or through a central drain via a gate valve with a conical bottom.
    • Mechanised, by automatic draining through an extractor scoop and lateral valve via guillotine door, which can be operated electrically, pneumatically or hydraulically.

Wineries report that the implementation of our “CONAL” cooling jacket reaches high transmission rates and low loss of product which, together with the design, result in noticeable economic savings.

In terms of construction special emphasis was placed on the robustness and safe latching of its guillotine door, the operation sizing in all versions, the balanced design of its racks and the external crushing collector, particularly the must extractor mechanism.